Friday, May 02, 2008

New LE Canvas Prints, New Cross Stitch patterns, New Book! Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee Prints (Hand-Embellished Signed & Numbered, Gallery Wrapped Canvas). I have 5 more painting now available! These really are the next best thing to owning the original painting and are very affordably priced! I have listed the very first ( # 01 of 75 ) canvas print of each painting as an Auction on eBay. I have started the bidding for these #1 canvas prints at 1/2 off the regular price! .....

E A Poe's "The Black Cat" #1 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Dreaming #1 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Princess Fiona #1 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Atlantean Mercat #1 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Rue Rue's Fortune #1 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Merlin The Magician #1 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Vlad Vampire Cat #1 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Rajah Golden Suncat #1 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

They are full color professional quality Limited Edition, 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" Gallery Wrapped Glossy Giclee Canvas Print with Hand-painted Embellishments! Highly collectible Limited Editions! Only 75 of each painting will ever be made! They are truly One Of A Kind! Since each canvas is hand-embellished, no two will be identical! They really look just like the original painting! No frame is needed! The canvas has a hanger and is ready to display.

The next # print available through #75 are available in my ebay store and on my website. I will be adding more of my paintings for sale as LE Canvas Prints over the next few weeks. They will be available in my eBay store and on my website too.

LE Canvas Prints in my eBay store

LE Canvas Prints on my website

NEW Cross Stitch Patterns @ Heaven & Earth Designs (HAED) You can see and purchase them here....."Captain Leo" & "Rainbow Paisley Fairy Cat"

New Book! Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed
By Blonde Blythe ( Toni Boozer ) with forward written by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Distributed worldwide by Merrell Publishers, April 2008. This wonderful book features 8 of my paintings and a page written by me about how the big eyed art masters of the past influence and inspire my artwork today.
I have received my first copy and it is just gorgeous!! I am so impressed with this book and all of the amazing artists in it and thrilled that I was invited to be a part of it :)

Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed is available for purchase (currently priced at only $19.77) on click here

"In the late 1950's, and throughout the 1960's and into the 70's, such artists as Margaret keane, Gig and Maio created a new kind of mass-produced art known as "big-eye." Now big-eye art has undergone a major revival, but with a twist: the wide-eyed endearing waifs of the earlier movement have transformed into fairies, mermaids, demons and myriad otherworldly beings, including the famous "Blythe doll." This extraordinary book showcases the dazzling works of 22 of today's most significant big-eye artists, offering an insight into a fantastical, sometimes bizarre, metaphysical world."