Saturday, September 10, 2011

Image Tubes at Creative Design Outlet, New Rubber Stamps, New Fantasy Cat Coloring Pages & More!

Hello! :)
Lots to share tonight! New Image Tubes available through Creative Design Outlet! Four New Rubber Stamps from Queen Kat Designs! My New Fantasy Cat Coloring Pages Vol. 2 Set is now available and I have a new image "Garden Cat" now available too! Last but not least a new work in progress sketch!

First, I'm so excited to announce tonight that I now again have many of my most popular fantasy cat images available as Image Tubes for Signature Tags and online tag hobbyists, licensed through Creative Design Outlet. CDO is a great company that I am so proud to be a part of, they offer excellent customer service, an easy to use website, wonderful tubes & quick turn around time when receiving your orders. NOTE: These images are available ONLY for personal non-profit online use. Please read the CDO Terms Of Use on their website for full usage details.
My images currently available are for sale on the CDO website here...

**Best Of All!!** CDO has released all 12 packages that were previously available and 1 new pack for you now! So that's 13 gorgeous packs for you to choose from! And just to make that a bit easier for you my packages & tubes are BUY 2 GET 1 FREE this weekend only!! So just buy 2 of my packs or single tubes and email with your choice of freebie and they will send it to you during CDO office hours. *The freebie must be of the same value. This offer ends 9am PST, Monday 12th September 2011.

Also I would love to see what is being made with my images! Please feel free to add them to my Facebook Art Page here,

CDO has a very active forum & Facebook Page & Group that you can join and show off your creations.!/groups/181547505212815/

4 New Rubber Stamps at Queen Kat Designs!

The new stamps are "Bast Goddess", "Captain Leo", "Ballerina Cat" and "Classic Literary Cats". All of my stamps are also currently on sale at 18% Off!

New Fantasy Cat Coloring Page Set Vol.2

My second Coloring page Set is now available for purchase! Image Titles; Captain Leo, Bast Goddess, Temple of Bastet, Ballerina Cat, Hannah, Classic Literary Cats, Rue Rue's Fortune, The Chimera Vanity, "Steampunk Cat Gal, Steampunk Cat Guy.

New Image! "Garden Cat"
Due to popular request I have edited "Garden Friends" digitally for those of you with gnomophobic (fear of gnomes) ;) LOL I hope you like it! :) "Garden Cat" is available as Art Prints, Cameo Necklaces, Earrings, Bookmarks, Keychains, Magnets, Notecards.

*Work In Progress! Candy Fairy Cat
This is a very rough sketch of my next lil Cat Nip. I'll be posting some WIP photos of the painting on my Facebook Art page as I work on it.

I hope that you enjoy everything! Thank you so much for your support! As always please feel free to E-Mail me with any questions, suggestions or requests. I'll be in touch!!