Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Day of the Dead Cat Skull

I decided to take a break from working on my new website and draw something! I really like the way it came out. I may end up doing a colored painted version of this in the future. "Day of the Dead Cat Skull" 8.5"X11". I used a photo of Anakin for reference :) The Original, Prints, etc will be available soon. If you'd like something of this image before then just contact me ;)  

Friday, March 18, 2016

My sweet Zoe

I'm heartbroken to tell you all that today we helped Zoe pass over the rainbow bridge. Over the passed week she began to feel so much worse, didn't want to eat hardly at all and absolutely hated us giving her fluids & my trying to feed her. We tried a few meds that our vet suggested for her appetite & nausea but they didn't help. She was miserable and I couldn't let her feel that way or keep doing things to her that she hates. Zoe spent her last days in my lap & nights sleeping by my head & knowing how much we all love her. She was my cuddling lap kitty and I feel so lucky to have had so many years with her. She was the last of our original 4 cats. She joins Leo, Pookie Bear, Tabby & George at the rainbow bridge. We will see you all again someday Zoe. Until then we Love you so much & miss you already. My sweet Zoe 1998-March 18, 2016

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Mini Cheshire Cat for Eight and Sand Gallery

Mini "Cheshire" cat painting for the upcoming Petite Works Group Show at Eight and Sand gallery in Seattle. My painting measures 4"x4" & with the frame 7"x7". I also sent a few prints of my mini Cheshire so they will be available too. The show starts March 12th.