Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bast Painting WIP/Painting Process Pixs 7-10

The temple floor & walkway in the background and the Eye of Horus vase

Blocked in the color on the floor and columns

Added some shadows & highlights to the floor & columns

Detailed the floor and columns some (I'm not finished with them though)

I'll be posting more update pixs here in my blog as I have them ready

Friday, April 14, 2006

Bast Painting WIP/Painting Process Pixs # 1-6

I am basing my new Bast painting on the actual Temple of Bastet at Bubastis :) It's not exactly as the description but close and the temple will be in red granite just like it originally was.

I decided to make this a new WIP/Painting Process page for my website. The two I have now are pretty old. So I have been taking pixs of my new bast painting as I've been working on it. Sorry they aren't nice scanned pixs but it's a 16" x 20" and it would be impossible for me to scan it that many times ;) I will be adding the descriptions to each picture later for my site but for now here are the pixs so far starting with the cleaned up version of my sketch....

Reverse side of sketch, Traced the important lines for transferring to canvas

Transferred to canvas

Painting the sky, Blocked in the sand

Detailed the sand

Palm trees, grass and Papyrus plants

I think it looks good so far :) It's going pretty quick too. Well the sketch took a week but I just started painting it last night. I hope you all like it!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Autumn Winds Fairy Cat" Original Painting & Prints For Sale

After spending 2 months on my last painting it is so nice to paint something smaller! :) Isn't it cute! It will be the "fall" painting for a series of Seasonal Fairy Cats that I am making for a book project at the FAE forum. I will be using my "Snowflake Cat Fairy" as my "winter" piece. Next I think I will start on '"spring" :)

I have listed this painting in my ebay store at a fixed Buy It Now price or you may Submit Best Offer. I also have it available on my website, prints and notecards for sale too, Here.

Click on the image to see the listing details & close ups......

"Autumn Winds Fairy Cat"

9" x 12" Acrylic washes & Ink on watercolor paper, 2006

~ Prints of "Autumn Winds Fairy Cat" are also available in my eBay store at Buy It Now
Sale Prices.....
8 x 10 inch Glossy Prints, 30 listed at $10.99 each

I also have one 8" x 10" print of "Autumn Winds Fairy Cat" right now at a low sale price for a 10 day auction,
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I hope you all like my new painting! xoxoxox