Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pirate Cat :) Captain Leo .....

Here is the very, very rough sketch of my Pirate Cat. You can get an idea of what the cat and his PiRAT are going to look like. This doesn't have all the details, patterns, jewelry, beads, background etc in it. I'll be adding all of those as I paint :).....

I chose my own kitty Leo to be my pirate cat. Which is pretty funny considering that he's supposed to be a big bad brave pirate! In real life, Leo is the biggest scaredy cat I've ever seen :) I chose him because needed a cat that was long haired and I like Leo's markings with the big white "Scar" across his nose. I also made him a little less startled looking in the sketch ;)

If I can get this painting to come out on the canvas the way I see it finished in my head.... It's going to be really, really cool! ;D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fantasy Cat Coloring Pages & Cameo Necklace Auctions

I have something fun to share! Fantasy Cat Coloring Pages are now available on my website!....

Purrrfect coloring fun for all ages! Each image is printed on a sheet of 8.5" x 11" matte acid-free heavyweight cardstock, to be colored with colored pencils or artist markers. They can be purchased individually or the gift set comes with all 10 pages with a front and back cover page as shown in a clear re-sealable sleeve. Click Here to go to the Coloring Pages

Ebay Auctions - Cameo Necklaces
I also have some new eBay auctions for my Fantasy Cat Cameo Necklaces! I have listed for auction some more of my Cameo Necklaces that I made up for my website photos. They are listed for 7 & 10 day auctions with bidding started at reduced prices.....

Dea Dragonfly Cameo Necklace

Bubble Fairy Kitten Cameo Necklace

Bubble Fairy Cat Cameo Necklace

Rainbow Paisley Fairy Cat Cameo Necklace

Sunrise Swim Cameo Necklace

Witch's Cat Cameo Necklace

Bast Goddess Cameo Necklace

Vlad Vampire Cat Cameo Necklace

Astra Moon Cat Cameo Necklace

My Feline Valentine Cameo Necklace

Cameo Necklaces in my eBay Store
I have also listed some of these Cameo Necklaces in my eBay store at fixed Buy It Now prices!

Custom Cameo Necklaces on my Website
Or if you would like to customize a cameo necklace exactly the way you want it to be, remember you can order them just the way you want ( Choose your image ~ Choose your setting ~ Pick the length of your necklace ~ Pick 2 Ribbon Colors 41 images to chose from!) on my website!

I've been working on my Pirate Cat! I hope to have some sketches of it ready to share later this week! :D