Monday, November 28, 2005

"Snowflake Cat Fairy" Original Painting

She's finished!!! I am so happy with this painting!!! :D I got a little worries there for a little while thinking that I may of messed up but it all worked out perfectly!! :D You really can't see all of the detail in the wings and snow in the background on the puter screen. It looks soooooo much better in person! I hope that you all like her! She is available on eBay.
*Click image to see the auction, bigger pictures & close ups........

"Snowflake Cat Fairy"

12" x 9" Original Acrylic Washes & Ink on Watercolor Paper, 2005
This is a 10 day auction ending on Thursday, December 8th in the evening.

10" x 8" Prints of "Snowflake Cat Fairy" are available for $10.00 each, Click Here!

Thanks for looking!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Merlin The Magician" Original Painting Listed

I have listed my "Merlin The Magician" Original painting for auction! I also have the "Merlin" prints on sale and some ACEO prints listed!
*Click image to see the auction & other pictures........

"Merlin The Magician"

12" x 16" Original Acrylic & Ink on cotton canvas sheet, 2005

"Merlin The Magician" Prints
8 x 10 inch prints, 15 prints listed at $10.00 each
12 x 16 inch prints, 15 prints listed at $23.00 each

"Bubble Fairy Kitten" original painting is also currently listed & some Limited Edition ACEO prints! You can see all my current auctions Here!

Monday, November 14, 2005

"Bubble Fairy Kitten" Original Painting for Auction!

This is my cutest painting and definitely my most popular! This painting was created especially for the "500 Fairy Motifs" book! I am so proud that this painting along with 9 more of my fairy cats are featured on 6 pages in the book. **This auction includes a signed copy of the book & I will be happy personalize the book as requested. *Click image to see the auction & other pictures...

"Bubble Fairy Kitten"

12" x 9" Original Acrylic Washes & Ink on Watercolor Paper, 2004
This is a 10 day auction ending on Thursday, November 24th in the evening.

Contest~ A big thank you to everyone that entered my website contest! I was amazed that I received over 100 entries! Congratulations to the winner of the "Alien Cats" custom matted print.... Elisa from Canada! :) I also picked 3 more winners to receive a free bookmark! Look for my next contest to begin in early 2006!

Commissions~ I am not accepting any more commission at this time. I will again accept commission when my schedule will allow me to do so.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Arthurian Legends Art Show! // Contest WinnerS // Catching up!

The Enchanted Artists Art Show is now Live! It is being hosted by the sweet Maria, aka, "elfies" on live journal. A big thank you to her and her hubby for getting the show together :) It looks wonderful! "Merlin The Magician" is my entry. Maria even has the show set up so you can leave comments on each artist's piece! So please leave some nice comments for the artworks that you like! You can see the show here..............

Arthurian Legends Art Show

My website contest has ended! Thank you so much to everyone that entered! I received over 100 entries!!! :D I have sent an e-mail to the winner. As soon as I hear back from the winner I will announce their first name and state/country. Since I had so many more entries than I expected I also picked 3 more winners that will receive a free bookmark! I will be contacting them once I hear back from the big winner!

Off to answer e-mails and try and catch up with my LJ comments! I'm finally catching up my e-mails from our trip! I'm up to Oct. 30th now! Yay! So if you sent me an e-mail on the 30th or after I'll be getting to it soon! xoxoxoxoxo