Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Arthurian Legends Art Show! // Contest WinnerS // Catching up!

The Enchanted Artists Art Show is now Live! It is being hosted by the sweet Maria, aka, "elfies" on live journal. A big thank you to her and her hubby for getting the show together :) It looks wonderful! "Merlin The Magician" is my entry. Maria even has the show set up so you can leave comments on each artist's piece! So please leave some nice comments for the artworks that you like! You can see the show here..............

Arthurian Legends Art Show

My website contest has ended! Thank you so much to everyone that entered! I received over 100 entries!!! :D I have sent an e-mail to the winner. As soon as I hear back from the winner I will announce their first name and state/country. Since I had so many more entries than I expected I also picked 3 more winners that will receive a free bookmark! I will be contacting them once I hear back from the big winner!

Off to answer e-mails and try and catch up with my LJ comments! I'm finally catching up my e-mails from our trip! I'm up to Oct. 30th now! Yay! So if you sent me an e-mail on the 30th or after I'll be getting to it soon! xoxoxoxoxo

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Leanne said...

Woohoo! Your new Blogger blog showed up when I googled ya this morning! HI CARRIE!

Are you going to keep this blog active? Let me know!