Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kitties Update....

Zoe ~ She's better, her breathing is a lot more normal now. Also the vet said around the same time I brought Zoe in for the weird breathing she started having a number of cats & dogs being brought in with the same symptoms. She says she's not sure exactly what is causing it. So for now Zoe is doing fine and she doesn't think I need to go ahead with the ultrasound.

Kittens ~ Both passed their feline aids & leukemia tests Trixie, is up to 2 lbs and got her first shots last week. Pixie, is not gaining weight as fast as her sister. She still weights just a little over 1 lb. So she is getting NutraCal a few time a day and a little in her wet food too. The vet thinks she could have a tapeworm from the fleas she had when i got her. She can't have any meds for that until she weighs over 2 lbs. Also we decided to wait on her shots too till she's 2 lbs too.

Tabby is doing fine too :) Yay! It was rough there for a while! I was at the vetr with some kitty a few times a week there for a while! O_O Hopefully everyone will stay healthy! *fingers crossed*