Saturday, April 19, 2008

IMPORTANT New Mailing List Info....

If you are on my mailing list..... you should have already received an email last night about subscribing yourself to my NEW Mailing List! Please take a moment and add yourself to my new mailing list so that you can continue to receive my art updates.

But just so I don't miss anyone or if any of you would like to join, I'm going to post it here...............

I have an very important announcement! Due to issues with my former mailing list host I have removed all of my info, mailing list, etc and canceled my membership with that mailing list provider. I have move my mailing list to this new provider that will be much more secure and was highly recommended to me by my peers.

To be added to my mailing list please follow these 3 easy steps to be added....

1. Go to this page on my website..

2. Enter your name & email address in the form and click GO

3. Check your email inbox for a confirmation email and click on the link to confirm your subscription.

That is it! :) Thank you so much! You will be on my new mailing list and will continue to receive my email updates about my art!

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