Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Kitties!

After what happened with Leo we decided to take Zoe & Tabby and get them full senior cat checkups. We went to the new vet my mom has been using because she is really good. She checked them all over and took blood and urine for testing. The lab work came back on both of them. Turns out Tabby has Hyperthyroidism and I have started her on meds for that. I hope she responds well to the meds. *fingers crossed* Zoe, as many of you know has what we thought were chronic UTI problems and has been on meds for that for years. The meds she was put on by our previous vet were a type of steroid that have caused Zoe to gain a lot of weight. Not good because she could develop Diabetes. So our new vet is suggesting we wean Zoe off of her meds and try some diet changes to canned food and more water in her diet. She thinks the UTIs are not UTIs but really Interstitial Cystitis which she believes can be treated with just diet change and more water. Hopefully that is the case *fingers crossed* Overall they are very healthy and the rest of their blood work and labs looked great. So I'm very happy about that. Yes, my pets have more health issuesand are more meds than my whole family combined LOL! I love my furbabies!! I need them to be well!


Stormy said...

Did your vet suggest adding a bit of water to canned food? I put some in my cats bowls and just mix it in. Makes it a bit thin, but at least I know they are getting more water. I only put 1/4 tsp.

Tigerpixie said...

Stormy~ Yes, that's what I've been doing with both of them. So far so good! *fingers crossed* it stays this way :)