Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kitty Stuff, Just talked to the Vet about Tabby.....

Tabby (my kitty with the thyroid condition (Hyperthyroidism), has been taking 1/2 a Methimazole pill twice a day for a few months now. She was doing really well on the pills but lately not so much. She has gotten extremely picky about her food. I have been trying so many different wet and dry foods to find something she will eat. Some of them she will eat once or twice and then turn her nose up at them. Others she won't even try at all. The only thing i have found that she really likes is the water from people Tuna mixed with her dry food that she used to like to eat. It's probably only a matter of time before she decides she doesn't want that anymore either. She has a bunch of other symptoms too, seems cold all the time, drinking lots of water, licking her lips and swallowing a lot. The Vet says that all of this can be side effects from her meds. That they can make her nauseous upset her tummy and possibly make her Anorexic. In Tabby's case this isn't good since she has a history of just stopping eating. We are going to try a few things and hopefully get her back on track and feeling better. First, we are going to try is to give her the full pill once a day instead of 1/2 the pill twice a day. This should keep the nauseous feeling down some and hopefully help her tummy feel better. Then she is allowed to have the food she like with the Tuna juice all the time. I had read that it was bad for her so I was worried about giving it to her. The Vet checked this out for me and thinks it will be just fine. I have to keep a close eye on her weight and make sure she doesn't lose anymore. *fingers crossed* I hope all of this helps her. I feel bad that she feels sick. It must suck to feel nauseous all day long everyday. No wonder she doesn't want to eat. Anyone else have a picky cat? What does your cat like to eat?

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