Wednesday, May 11, 2011

& Tabby wabby is even older.....

So as always not to be out done by Zoe, poor Tabby got sick this past weekend (of course it had to bee on the weekend!). She didn't eat dinner Friday night which is sometimes normal for her. So I didn't think anything of it. When I woke up Saturday morning, I noticed that Tabby didn't come sleep by me that night. She was hiding behind my printer and there were 3 big green (like lime green colored) throw up spots on the floor. She didn't want to eat or drink all day Saturday & was acting like she felt horrible. She was trying to hide under my bed every chance she got. When I did try and give her some water or a little food she threw it up too. So I just let her have Saturday day & night to rest and get her tummy settled. I set her up in our hall bathroom when I wasn't able to watch her and during the night, so I could keep her from hiding and monitor her eating/drinking & pottying. Sunday I started force feeding her some food with Nutra-cal in it and she started drinking water on her own. She has awful diarrhea & was so weak and wobbly when she walked but had not thrown up since Saturday evening. First thing Monday morning, I was up at the vet with her. I am so glad that it was just what I thought, another upset tummy. She did this a few months ago too. She is just super sensitive. So she got some fluids, a med to settle her tummy and some appetite pills that I started yesterday once she was feeling a little better. The vet also gave me some extra tummy pills incase this ever happens on the weekend again. Tabby has a history of just stopping eating whenever she feels sick. I'm glad I know what to look for and how to keep her going till she starts eating again each time. She's doing much better now! I'm only feeding her a little food and Nutra-cal now and she's eating the rest on her own. So between her and Zoe I have lots of $$vet bills$$ to pay! I think it's time for me to run a website sale! ;)

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