Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zoe's been sick again :(

I've had her at the vet 3 times in the last week and 1/2. She had been getting a shot once a week for her back pain. Then I noticed she had not been eating or drinking as much and was sleeping a lot. So I took her to be checked out last Monday. After a full exam, urine test, blood work and getting fluids.... It turns out that she has lost almost 3 lbs. (she's such a big girl, it's hard to tell when she's losing weight), has another bladder infection but also she has gone from Hyperthyroidism to Hypothyroidism. Her kidneys and liver numbers they check were also a little off but not too drastic for a cat of her age (13yo) and she is also anemic right now. I know, she's a mess isn't she! :( So she's off the Thyroid meds, got an antibiotic shot and an anti-nausea shot to help her want to eat. She's doing a little better. I had to find some different foods for her to eat since she doesn't want her usual dry food. If she had her way all she would eat is Partymix treats! I’ve had to trick her into thinking she’s getting a bunch of treats every time I feed her. I give her a handful of the new dry food with one or 2 treats in it on the floor or where she’s sleeping when I feed her. Silly cat won’t even eat it out of a bowel! I've also been loading her wet food with lots of extra water because I don't think she's drinking enough on her own. I've been feeding her little bunches of dry food or wet food 4-5 times a day. I can't give her the Nutracal like I'd give to Tabby because Zoe foams at the mouth and throws up it and any food she's eaten. Yeah, I can't really force feed her much for the same reason. Even with her pills if I didn't get them right down her throat the fist time she's throw up! Anytime I go to open her mouth for pills or whatever she locks her jaw shut and I have to pry her mouth open. Poor baby doesn't realize that I'm trying to help her *sigh* So all in all she's doing a little better, not even close to 100% But definitely not getting worse. She's supposed to have her blood work redone in 3-4 weeks. Hopefully she'll be much better then *fingers & toes crossed*


Maiden of Nature said...

Aw :( I hope she gets better! It's so sad when the people or animals you love get sick!:(

Annuk said...

Sending healing vibes Zoe's way!!!! And ((((hugs)))) to you!
My Zoe sends healing purrs too!!!

Tigerpixie said...

Thank you so much you guys!! (((HUGS))))