Saturday, June 09, 2012

Anakin The Two Legged Miracle Cat on Facebook, Twitter, YourTube & :)

I had a lot of requests for me to make Anakin his own Facebook & Twitter pages. I thought it was a nice idea to be able to post his progress and all that goes on with him without filling up my own personal page or art page. So here are Anakin's pages!
Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat Facebook
Anakin on Twitter (anakintwolegs)
Anakin The Two legged Cat on Youtube Please feel free to share his pages and videos with whomever you'd like too :) ** Important! After liking the Facebook page be sure to hover your curser over the "Liked" button and then click "Show in News Feed" so it has a check mark by it or you will not see the updates!**
Also Ani was featured on the front page of yesterday! Wow! It was such a nice suprise. Here's the link to the article. Two Legged Kitty Makes Anything Seem Possible ~On
Here's a new video showing how well Anakin is settling into our home. He sure can zoom around the bathroom when he wants to :) This video better shows how happy he is playing and definitely on the move!

And a cute video of Ani playing with his beads....

I love this little guy to pieces!! :)

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Annuk said...

OMG he is adorable!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this precious kitten's happy story! Anakin is the living proof that kitties with a "handicap" can live happy and normal lives in loving homes! What a wonderful message to the world!!!!!
Kisses and cuddles to this adorable little boy!