Saturday, January 02, 2016

WIP 78 Tarot Carnival Queen Of Cups


New Year New Art! :D Here's the rough sketch of my "Queen of Cups" for the 78 Tarot Carnival deck. She's a queen fortune teller inside her wagon at the carnival. You can see the carnival tents and a Ferris wheel out the window behind her. She is holding a water filled scrying goblet and is surrounded by tarot cards, candles, crystals etc on her table in front of her. She is going to be called “Madame Zoe, Teller of Fortunes” and is modeled after my sweet 17 year old cat Zoe. The keywords for the Queen of Cups are, Compassionate, empathetic, intuitive, dependable & discreet. I think these are all traits that you would want your fortune teller to have. Other elements of my card are Water, the color blue, suit of Hearts & Sunset, these will all be included. In the traditional card the cup is ornate and gold, mine will be the same. The queen of cups is supposed to be sitting on a elaborate throne with a shell shaped back and and cherubs one the sides, mine will be like this in dark wood and of course I made kitty cherubs ;) Her "crown" is her headdress that is covered in gold and jewels & will match her necklace, rings & the gems in the cup. I think that about covers everything. I hope you all like her. I'm starting to paint today! :)

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