Friday, August 26, 2016

Voodoo Empress Fairy Cat Doll for the 78 Tarot Club's Auction

The 78 Tarot Club's August Auction "Mythical Creatures - Tarot of the Imaginary", is running Now through Tuesday the 30th 6pm EST. The image above links to it's own auction page on Facebook. This is where you place your bid or BIN. If you are unfamiliar with The 78 Tarot Club's auctions please see the first image in the album or album description for instructions on bidding. My "Voodoo Empress Fairy Cat Doll" is up for Bids or Buy It Now :) I also have prints of her available at sale prices on my website. I hope you all like her as much as I do! Check out All the awesome artworks from the 78 Tarot Club Artists. Please feel free to Like, Comment & Share your faves or the whole album! Every little bit helps us get more people to see our work ;) Thank you!

Description: A creepy cute patchwork Voodoo Empress Fairy Cat Doll with one little pin stuck in her. She's as happy as can be with her stitched kitty smile, corn husk fairy wings and mismatched button eyes. To represent the Empress tarot card, my Voodoo Fairy Cat Doll has her pin/scepter stuck in her right hand. She has corn husk fairy wings for the field of corn in the foreground of the traditional card. A heart shaped patch with the symbol of Venus for the Empress' shield, surrounded by the 12 stars from her crown on my kitty's dress.

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