Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bakeneko/Nekomata Rough Sketch for 78 Tarot Mythical

For my 78 Tarot Mythical Card I'm painting the Mythological Japanese Demon Cat called Bakeneko/Nekomata. I haven't decided what to call him yet exactly. From my research it seems Nekomata "Forked Tail" and Bakeneko "Changed Cat" are very similar. I've read a lot of info about them both & the sites each explain them both a little differently. One site even calls Nekomata a breed of Bakeneko? It's all rather confusing to me. I'm leaning towards Nekomata since he does have the forked tail & is in the mountains but I'm not sure.

My card is the Ace of Wands. It's a positive card full of personal power, confidence, enthusiasm, new beginnings, hope for the future, ready to take on the world! I used a lot of the symbolism and card elements from the traditional Ace of Wands Cards- I’ve got the fire, the Japanese castle in the distance, the forest will be in the background. The bamboo wand with the new growth sprouts on it. The clouds from the original card are in his kimono and the blue of his kimono will represent the river.

I absolutely LOVE my sketch & I can't wait to start painting :D I hope you like it too. I have less that a month to get this whole painting done so I have got to get moving on this asap! 

Carrie >^..^<

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