Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July Package Patron Surprise Deliveries! Dia Del Gato Weekly Planners!

July Package Patron Surprise Deliveries! Dia Del Gato Weekly Planners! I am so happy to be able to do this!

For July Only - All Patrons of mine that are in a Reward Tier where you receive a package from me each month ($15+) will be receiving a Dia Del Gato Weekly Planner!

"Surprise Cat" Patrons ($15) - The Dia Del Gato Weekly Planner will be your surprise reward this month (July).

"Printed Cat" Rewards Tier Patrons and Above Reward Tiers ($20+) - You will receive the Dia Del Gato Weekly Planner along with your reward package items for this month (July).

Not my Patron yet? OR Already my Patron & want to Upgrade your Reward Tier to receive my Dia Del Gato Weekly Planner automatically?  You can join my patron or upgrade your reward tier level at,

Why Join My Patreon?
It's a special place for me to connect with you and share more than just my art. Yes, Patreon is the very first place I post my Works In Progress, New Products, Sales etc. But as a "Curious Cat" Reward Tier Patron or Above you will also see ALL of my Patreon Only posts, Exclusive peeks of what goes on behind the scenes in my career, a more personal look at myself, my kitties, my creative processes and inspirations than I currently share on any other social site. You'll also be entered into all Monthly Giveaways! Receive access to downloadable Coloring Pages & Digital Rewards, Be Invited to participate in Cat Photo Calls and my Polls & Surveys. You will also be added to my First Dibs List for New Artwork! :)

I will not be selling the Dia Del Gato Weekly Planners myself other than a few I will bring to shows. The planners can be ordered on Amazon & if you are a Prime member it's free shipping...

Dia Del Gato - Sugar Skull 2018-2019 On-the-Go Weekly Planner: 17-Month Calendar (August 2018 through December 2019.) with Pocket - 
Carrie >^..^<

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