Wednesday, September 12, 2018

September Patreon Coloring Pages! 3 Pages! Steampunk Cats Guy & Gal

This month I have released my Steampunk Cats as individual coloring pages AND as one big page together the way they were meant to be! (I originally made each of the 12" x 16" paintings so they could fit together as one big painting.)  These are the 8th, 9th and 10th coloring page I have released so far. The Monthly Coloring Pages are a variety of pages, some I already have made, Newly Released Pictures & Patreon Exclusive Coloring Pages too. I have included JPG, PDF,  PNG and Grayscale JPG files to easily open and save to your computer and/or device. You can print and color these images as many times as you'd like. If you are already in the "Curious Cat" $5+ Reward Tier or Above, All of the Coloring Pages can be found by clicking the "Coloring Pages" Featured tag on the top left on my Patreon page or at this link,

"Steampunk Cat Gal - An elegant Victorian steampunk cat gal poses for the perfect portrait with an interesting collection of flying ships, hot air balloons and other flying contraptions behind her."  You can see my original painting in color on my website here,

"Steampunk Cat Guy - A handsome Victorian steampunk cat guy poses for the perfect portrait with his laser pistol, telescope and an collection of flying ships, hot air balloons and other flying contraptions behind him."  You can see my original painting in color on my website here,

However please feel free to color your version with whichever colors & mediums you would like and create something completely different from mine :) That's part of the fun!

Not my Patron yet? OR Not in the "Curious Cat" $5 Reward Tier or Above? Printable Coloring Pages and Digital Downloads are included in my Patreon $5 Tier here, When you sign up or upgrade your Reward Tier you will receive access to all of the current coloring pages and all new pages and digital downloads as they are released. It's more than just Coloring Pages though...

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