Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Steampunk Cat" WIP #3 & 4

Here's a few more WIP pixs since I paint sooooo slow. Well not that slow ;) I have been busy with some family stuff & business stuff as well. Also this painting has a ton of tiny details......

I have finished more than you can see here. I just didn't taker another photo yet. I should have her all done early this week *fingers crossed*

Steampunk Cat Rough Sketch
Steampunk Cat WIP #1
Steampunk Cat WIP #2


Anonymous said...

"wow" is kind of cheesy to leave as a comment, but thats all i could think when I saw it. Its awesome!!!

Tigerpixie said...

Awww! Thanks!! :D I'm almost done now too! Just a her gloves, and some jewelry left to paint! ;D