Saturday, September 03, 2005

New!! Mini Size Bookmarks!

I chose 18 of my favorite paintings to make into the Mini Bookmarks to begin with. They measure approximately 2.8" x 3.75". Perfect for paperback books! I still have the other 6 Regular size bookmarks available too. I have also upgraded them all so they have ribbons and fancy tassels!
You can see them all here.... Cat Bookmarks

Atlantean Mercat Mini BookmarksIce Dragon Mini BookmarksBast Goddess Cat Mini BookmarksBubble Fairy Kitten Mini BookmarksKitten With Heart Mini Bookmarks

I was having such a hard time making my paintings fit into a 2" x 7" format for the regular bookmarks. I thought this would be an easy way to still make bookmarks and get to use all the paintings I want on them. I hope you all like them!


cherrybones said...

i love the new bookmarks! i want to make some smaller ones to, it is really hard to get the immages into the tall skinny format.

Tigerpixie said...

Hey!!! :) Thanks!! The few I was able to make the tall way I had to almost take the painting apart in PSP and put it back together that size! What a pain!!!It's good to see you over here too!!! :D It seems this kind of blog gets picked up in the search engines much better than LJ. I've had this one for about a week and it's already comeing up in google :)