Monday, March 27, 2006

"The Chimera Vanity" 16" x 20" Original Painting & Prints For Sale

I am very excited to share this painting with you! This painting took me 2 months to complete because it is huge & very detailed! (well huge for me anyway) I think it was well worth it!! I'm so happy with the way it turned out :) "Chimera" is another word for Fantasy. I didn't know that till searching for the perfect title. I thought it made a nice title. Due to the level of detail and time I have spent on this painting, I have listed this painting in my ebay store at a fixed Buy It Now price or you may Submit Best Offer. I also have it available on my website, prints and notecards for sale too.

Click on the image to see the listing, larger image & close ups......

"The Chimera Vanity"

16" x 20" Acrylic & Ink of Canvas, 2006

~ Prints of "The Chimera Vanity" are also available in my eBay store at Buy It Now
Sale Prices.....
8 x 10 inch Glossy Prints, 30 listed at $10.99 each

12 x 16 inch Glossy Prints, 30 listed at $22.99 each

I also have one 8" x 10" & one 12" x 16" "The Chimera Vanity" print right now at a low sale price for 10 day auctions,
My current auctions Click Here

Thanks for looking! Have a good night you guys!

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