Monday, November 27, 2006

Calico's Mystical Pumpkin Original Painting & Prints

Finally! I am very pleased to share this new painting with you! Yes, I know this painting should of been completed a loooooong time ago but I got a little bit....ok a lot behind. It was actually completed last week but my family and I have all been sick with horrible colds.
Soooooo I figured better late than never ;)

Click on the image to see the listing & close up pixs......

"Calico's Mystical Pumpkin"

16" x 12" Acrylic on Canvas, 2006

10 x 8 , 7 x 5 & 16 x 12 Art Prints of Calico's Mystical Pumpkin are available in my eBay store at Buy It Now Sale Prices & one 10" x 8" for 10 day auction........

Calico's Mystical Pumpkin on my Website

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I hope that you like my new painting! I hope to start on my Christmas painting sometime soon! This cold has made getting anything done really hard :P I hope we are all well soon! I'm so sick of being sick!! :(

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