Monday, July 28, 2008

New Art! "Maneki Neko Protection Cat" ACEO, New LE Canvas Print, eBay Sale

Tonight I have my next Maneki Neko Original Drawing to share with you and also another LE Canvas Print and some prints on sale!

"Maneki Neko Protection Cat"

"2.5" x 3.5" Original ACEO Ink & Colored Pencil Drawing

An adorable little Japanese Beckoning Cat. This little kitty is all red, with both paws raised and his is coin says "Protection". He is believed to protect and keep away evil spirits and illness from his owner.

New LE Canvas Print! Starting Bids $49.99! That's 1/2 off the regular price! They really look just like the original painting..........

"Summoning Old Friends" LE Canvas Print #1 (Ends Wednesday!)

The next # print available through #75 are available in my ebay store and on my website.I will be adding more of my paintings for sale as LE Canvas Prints over the next few weeks. They will be available in my eBay store and on my website too.

eBay Fixed Price Auction Items
8x10 Prints for $9.99; ""Temple of Bastet", "Summoning Old Friends", "Raven's Moon", "Bast Goddess", "Captain Leo"
12x16 Prints for $23.99; "The Chimera Vanity", "Summoning Old Friends", "Calico's Mystical Pumpkin"

Thanks for looking!! :)

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