Friday, July 11, 2008

"Summoning OLd Friends" Painting, "Maneki Neko Purity Cat", Website Shipping Promo

I have 2 new works of art to share with you tonight and also a big shipping promo on my website for summer!

New Original ACEO Drawing....

"Maneki Neko Purity Cat"

"2.5" x 3.5" Original ACEO Ink & Colored Pencil Drawing

An adorable little Japanese Beckoning Cat. This little kitty is all white which represents purity, and positive things to come to her owner.

New Large Painting! I am so happy with the way this painting turned out! I believe it is my most detailed painting ever!...

"Summoning Old Friends"

"12" x 16" Original Acrylic on Cotton Canvas Sheet

A little spell brings her old friends back for a late night visit.
Buy It Now or Submit Best Offer

Just a little FYI ;) All of my original art in my eBay store has the "Best Offer" feature on it. Please feel free to submit a best offer for my consideration at any time. You can see all of my Original Artwork available for purchase here,Original Art in my eBay store

Prints on Sale! "Summoning Old Friends" 12x16", 8x10" & 5x7", Lavender Roses 5x7", Fairy Light 5x7". You can see them all here...eBay Sale Items!

NEW Limited Edition Canvas Prints! Starting Bids 1/2 off the regular price!.....

"My Feline Valentine" LE Canvas Print #1

"Tigerpixie" LE Canvas Print #1

The next # print available through #75 are available in my ebay store and on my website.I will be adding more of my paintings for sale as LE Canvas Prints over the next few weeks. They will be available in my eBay store and on my website too.

LE Canvas Prints in my eBay store

** Website Updates! **

SUMMER SAVINGS Shipping Promotion on my website!!! Shipping fees for ALL ORDERS is just $2.00!! No matter how big your order is all you will pay for shipping is just $2.00! :) This offer is for both international and domestic orders! :) The fee will be added automatically in the shopping cart.
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LE Canvas Prints on my website

Thanks for looking! :D

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