Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back from the Vet with a Kitty Update...

Tabby's blood work for the thyroid came back high again (Hyperthyroidism). This was after 1 week of being off her meds since her last blood work showed her thyroid went the other direction and was extremely low (Hypothyroidism). So 1 pill twice a day or 1/2 a pill twice a day makes her sick and is too much meds for her, Now we are trying 1/2 a pill once a day and hopefully that will be good for her. Other than that she doing very good, eating well and gaining back the weight she lost.

Zoe's blood work showed nothing out of the ordinary. They checked everything, blood sugar, thyroid, kidney function, liver, electrolytes, blood cell count, everything. The only thing she did find was her liver was a little tiny bit high but for her age that could just be normal. Zoe has started eating and drinking some on her own but not enough. I have been feeding her what she still needs to eat. She is feeling better and fighting me on the feeding, locking her jaws and growling at me. Where before she just didn't care because she was too sick to fight back. So that's a good thing, she's getting better BUT a Bad thing since I'm having a very hard time getting the rest of the food she needs to eat each day in her. Today at the vet they gave her more fluids, another short term steroid shot and some pills that should get her appetite back up. Hopefully she'll start eating and drinking on her own like she used to. *fingers crossed*


Stormy said...

Sorry to hear about Zoe.

Did the vet check her heart for a murmur? When I took Patches in, that is one of the first things that the vet does. She could have a food allergy as well. Those are hard to detect.

I know how hard it is to have a sick cat or 2.

I hope things get back to normal with Tabby and Zoe.

Tigerpixie said...

The vet looked them both all over really good and did listen to their breathing and hearts too. Thanks so much :) They are both doing much better.