Friday, May 28, 2010

Zoe went to the vet again yesterday...

I noticed that Zoe was breathing kind of heavier Wednesday night, like almost twice as fast as Tabby. Noting else was wrong with her though, she was still eating drinking, up and around etc. So I took her to the vet first think Thursday morning. They kept her for observation and to check her out. Of course I'm worried that it's something with her heart like Leo had. They did an x-ray and that all looked good, no enlarging from the outside of the heart, lungs looked fine, no fluid or anything. Her chest sounds fine and so does her heart. So why the weird breathing? The vet thought she could of caught a respiratory infection from the kittens. I have them in the bathroom thinking that was fine but she says the respiratory infection could travel in the air. She also checked her urine again and she does have another UTI. So right now she is back on antibiotics for the UTI & possible respiratory infection. If that doesn't help with her breathing she said it may be her heart :( There is another form of heart disease where the heart walls thicken from the inside. This would not be visible on an x-ray. It would require an expensive ultrasound from a specialist to detect and then she says the treatments won't fix her. She said she wasn't trying to scare me but just being truthful and even went so far as to say that Zoe could just drop dead from this if that's what she has :( How scary is that! Even the emergency vet that took care of Leo before he died said that cats with heart conditions even when caught early don't do well. I honestly don't know what to do with her if she doesn't have the respiratory infection and it could be this other heart problem. Would or could the vet treat her for that without the ultrasound that's so expensive? I don't know. I'm hoping that she gets better over the weekend once the antibiotics kick in. If not I'll be talking to the vet again Monday to see what our options are :(


Andrea Gilbreath said...

So sorry to hear Zoe is having trouble. It's hard to watch, but that's the way mother nature works. In the past two years, I've lost two kitties to heart-failure and one to cancer. But all three were loving, happy cats and had good lives. All three were rescued from early death and enjoyed many years of good food, lots of petting, and lots of purring. I'm not sure extraordinary intervention is best with cats or with humans. We ALL die - 100% morality, right? Care, cuddling, love, happiness during life - that's what counts. Giving Zoe a joyful life is a great gift. I hope she gets to stay with you for a few more years.

Annuk said...

Hi dear Carrie!
I just caught up with your blog and read about all the kitty news! I loooove your sweet baby kittens, they are such little angels!!! And Carrie, I really KNOW about HOW it feels when our darlings are sick, I've suffered a lot for the same reasons too... I wish you all the best for your Zoe, give her all the love you can and she will feel it all the time! You are a very special and precious person Carrie.
Lots of love from me and... my ZOE!!!